How to Reopen a Defect?

 Click here for our Defect Management Video Tutorial 

To Reopen a Defect - 

  1. Select the Defects tab to manage defects
    To view your assigned Defects, click on the number within the tab.
  2. Double click on a Defect in the Defects list to open it
  3. Select Reopen to reopen the Defect

  4. Add a Comment (optional)
    Use the @  when writing Comments and collaborate with other project users.
    The tagged user will be notified with an email notification and a link to the activity in Panaya.

  5. When done, click Reopen
  6. You can view the Reopen count and Reopen Date in the Detection area
    The Reopen count and Reopened On is a read-only field

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