How to report a Defect during test execution?

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When reporting a Defect during test execution, the Defect details are automatically populated along with the relevant screenshot.
You can edit, replace or delete the screenshot if necessary.

  1. If you come across a defect during your test, you can report it immediately.
    At any point during the recording, hover over the flashing red circle and click on the arrows to expand the Panaya Recorder.

    Then click the Defect button 

  2. The Defect details page opens.
    The new defect is automatically assigned with a Defect ID, Name, Priority (High by default) and Reporter (Created by).
  3. Under the General tab, you can view the Activity field, automatically populated with the test details. You can add or modify this field if necessary. 
  4. Note that the default Priority for new Defects is High, you can change this under the General tab
  5. You will find the a link to the related Test activity under the Attachments tab
  6. To allow testers to continue to the next step of the test, despite the new Defect, select No for Blocking next step
  7. In the Test details page, under the Steps tab, the defect will appear as part of the failed step.

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