How to import Defects?

Use the panaya Import Wizard for Defect to mass upload existing bugs or issues to Panaya.

From within a Project

  1. Click on the Defects tab
  2. Select Import... > Import New Defects

  3. Click on Download Template and save the file locally
  4. Open the file and begin filling in the Defects details. Mandatory fields are marked as mandatory in the column headers within the Excel spreadsheet. 
    Note that the maximum number of rows in the imported template should not exceed 50,000.
  5. Upon completion, go back to Panaya and click on Select Files... to browse and locate the filled template
  6. Click Next to proceed to the User Mapping section.
    When Importing Tests into Panaya, the Wizard allows to assign users in the template file to the relevant users in Panaya.
    Click here to learn more about User Mapping
  7. The Data Validation section will display the number of Defects to be imported and the number of users created and/or mapped.
    Click on Import Defects to complete the import process. 

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