How to add a comment to an activity?

Use the @ when writing Comments and collaborate with other project users regarding a specific Requirement, Test, Defect or Correction activity.
The tagged user will be notified with an email notification and a link to the activity in Panaya. 
You can also Subscribe to an activity and receive email notifications for any new Comments added.

If you need to broadcast this message to multiple activities, use the Broadcast button.


To add a Comment -

  1. Select the Comments tab and then Add Comment
  2. Start typing your comment.
    Use @ and start typing the name of the user. Select the relevant user from the list. An email notification will be sent to the selected user with a link to the activity.
  3. When done, select Post
  4. You can also Edit or Delete your comment 

Use @ for Defects!
You can also use @username when resolving, reopening or closing defects, requesting for more information or when providing it back.

In order for users to be able to receive email notifications from Panaya, verify that the "Notify on activity assignments" option is selected in the user profile.

Good to Know!
You cannot mention your own name and initiate an email notification to yourself.
Instead, Subscribe to an activity.