How to mass assign steps?

Looking for the Assign button or the Assign Tester option?
We changed things a little bit, to allow more flexibility when assigning Tests or Steps.
Read the instructions below to learn how to mass assign.

This method works both for a Standard Test Step or Planned Runs for Quick Tests

You can assign multiple tests using the Edit button while in the Tests List view.

  1. Hover over the Tests tab and select Test List

  2. Select the relevant test activities, then click the Edit button and Edit Selected 
    Click on the Edit button and then Edit All. Panaya will auto select all tests currently displayed on page 1
    Assign a Cycle, Folder or Business Process
    Use the Tree view to assign an entire Cycle, Folder or Business Process
    Right click 
    on the Cycle/Folder/Business Process and select Mass Edit
  3. Select the Edit Steps tab
  4. You can select all steps in the tests
    You can define criteria for step selection and editing.
    To do so, click on add criteria and define the fields and values

    You can also select multiple values as shown below for the Test Status

    Once complete, click on Define Fields 
  5. Now select what fields to modify (1), define the new values (2).
    When done, select Update Steps (3)
  • All steps matching the selected criteria for the selected tests will be assigned
  • Planned runs matching the selected criteria for Quick Tests will be assigned

Click here to learn how to create a list of selected Tests that can later be mass-edited or assigned.

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