How to sort, filter & group Tests?

The List view allows you to sort, filter and group Tests.
You can then save your personal Custom View to be used across projects.


  1. Use the Menu button to select a Project
  2. Hover over the Tests tab and select Tests List


View Selection

Use the View Selection option to quickly filter the list by -

  • My Tests (Ready) - All Tests with "Ready to Tests" Steps that are assigned to you
  • My Tests (All) - All Tests with Steps that are assigned to you, regardless if Steps are "Ready to Test". Tests, where relevant Steps have already been Passed, will not be displayed.
  • Unassigned
  • Overdue
  • Blocked
  • Passed - Show all tests activities where all steps are reported as Passed
  • Failed - show all test activities where at least one step was reported as Failed
  • In Progress - Show all test activities where at least one step is in Not Run status
  • Not Run - Show all test steps are in not run status
  • Not Completed
  • In Scope
  • Out of Scope
  • Reviewed
  • Not Reviewed
  • If E-Signature is activated for Regulatory Compliance the following views will also be available - 
    Partially Signed, Not Signed, Ready to Sign


  1. To add a new filter, click on the Add Filter button and select the relevant field.
    You can use the search box to begin typing the field name.
  2. To determine the values to display, click on the All for the relevant filter and multi-select the values.
    Then click outside of the filter box to apply.

    For Dates, you can select relative dates (Today, Yesterday etc,) or set fixed dates

    For numeric values, determine the range

    For longer, more varied string values, you can select between the following operators - Contains, Not Contains, Empty or Not empty.
    For Contains and Not Contains, begin typing the string value to display all existing values.




  1. To sort by a specific column, click on the column header
  2. Click again to toggle between ascending and descending order


To group columns, drag a column header and drop it in the area above the table.
Panaya will display the count number for each group of Tests.

Panaya will only group Tests that appear on the current displayed page

To expand or collapse all grouped columns, use the Expand / Collapse button at the top left corner of the list.

A few Tips

  • You can save your personal Custom View
  • If a filter is unavailable for a specific column, look for it in the main filters above.
  • If you do not see the desired filter criteria, add it to the list using the Select Columns button