Can I Share a Direct Link to an activity?

Sure you can. Every activity includes a button allowing you to copy the URL of the specific test in Panaya. This is particularly useful for incorporating a reference to Panaya activities in other systems.

  1. Click on the Actions menu
  2. Select Copy Link


Having issues when copying the URL?

  1. Open Internet Explorer (even if you are using a different browser)
  2. Hit F10 on the keyboard top open up the menu
  3. Select Tools > Internet Options
  4. Select the Security tab
  5. Select Trusted Sites > Sites
  6. For the  Add this Web site to the zone box, type -  https://*, and click Add
  7. Click Close
  8. Click on Custom Level
  9. Look for the Scripting category, and then for Enable Allow Programmatic clipboard access - select Enable
  10. Look for the Miscellaneous category and for Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste Files - select Enable
  11. Click OK and restart your computer