How to add Hashtags to activities?

You can use Hashtags to categorize activities, so that you can later easily locate them using the main Project search box or by adding the Hashtag filter/column to your lists and saved views. You can tag activities via the General tab or by adding it to any Comment.

Good to Know!

  • You can use Hashtags when writing comments anywhere in Panaya
  • Use hashtags as a unique identifier across any activity (Requirements, Tests, Defects etc.)
  • Hashtags can be useful when assigning activities to teams or creating new teams while reviewing activities
    You can then use any list to filter by the newly created team hashtag, save it as a custom view and share with other stakeholders

Use Hashtags in any text box as shown below - 


You will be able to see it in the General tab of the activity


To tag an activity via the Comments tab

  1. Open up a Test, Quick Test, Defect, Requirement, Feature or Task
  2. Select the Comments tab
  3. Begin typing you comment and include the Hashtag (#).
    The Hashtag will automatically appear under the General tab, in the Hashtag section.

To tag an activity via the General tab

  1. Open up any type of activity
  2. Select the General tab
  3. Under Hashtags, begin typing the relevant tag name and hit Enter to add as a new tag