How to Edit Test Reference?

Standard Tests can be referenced to a comprehensive Quick Test script that includes detailed instructions, screenshots of the activity that should be performed and the expected result.

Good to Know!
To enable this feature, please contact Panaya Support

  1. Select the Steps tab
  2. For Cycles in Planning stage - 
    Highlight the relevant Step and click on Edit Reference

    For Cycles in Execution stage - 
    a. Double click on the Step
    b. Select the Detailed Instructions tab

  3. Refer Step to Quick Test page will open.
    Use the search box (1) to type the Quick Test ID or Name, then hit Search (2).
    Locate the Quick Test (3) you want to refer to.

    Quick Tests that contain Scripts will appear under the Type:Script grouping
  4. Verify that the correct Test item is highlighted and click on the Refer button
  5. The reference to the Quick Test script will appear within the Description field as a video camera icon.