Building and Reusing your Testing Library Assets

Building your Testing Library and Reusing your Assets for Ongoing Projects

Managing a test repository can sometimes be considered difficult and time-consuming. Join this webinar to learn how Panaya can help you create tests and test scripts to construct your repository with minimal effort. 

Learn about our automatic script capturing, as well as how to import your existing test scripts from Word or Excel. We will also take a look into test repository best practices and how you can reuse your existing test activities for your ongoing and upcoming projects.

Webinar Topics - 

  • Project Types
  • Defining the test plan based on system analysis (reports, coverage by user)
  • Building your Test library -
    • Test creation options (manual, import from a template, test box)
    • Test Cycle Management - Library structure & Grouping options
    • Naming conventions and best practices for test repository
  • Reusing your assets for ongoing and upcoming projects
    • Importing your activities from other projects
    • Making Changes

Webinar Speaker
Eliana Valderrama
Education Specialist @Panaya

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