Non-ERP Screenshot Annotations

If you used the Browser (IE, Chrome) or Other Applications recording option for various application types, your screenshots will include annotations as described below

Red Circle
Indicates a mouse left-click
Red Semi-Circle
Indicates a mouse right-click
White Circle with Two Red Dots
Indicates a mouse double-click
Blue Square
Indicates a keyboard input, the input value appears below the square
Blue Dotted Square
Indicates a keyboard input, with no specific input location or field
White Circle
Indicates drag and drop.
The double sided arrowheads indicate a horizontal or vertical dragging direction.
The black arrow indicates the actual drag and drop locations.
In some cases the drag and drop actions are split between two steps and therefore displayed in separate screenshots. 
In these cases:
  • A red single sided arrowhead pointing inwards indicates drag 
  • A red single sided arrowhead pointing outwards indicates drop