How to view the Requirements Traceability Matrix?

The Requirements Traceability Matrix captures all the project Requirements and enables you to trace Requirements to Test Cases and Defects. You can filter and export the report. 

To identify risk to Production, you can monitor the execution of the tests covering each requirement.

  1. From within a Project, select the Reports tab
  2. Click on the Requirements section to expand 
  3. Click on the Requirements Traceability Matrix

The following information is displayed for each Cycle

  • Planned Test Coverage
    The number of Test Cases Linked to the Requirement
  • Pending Execution Tests
    The number of Test Cases where not all Steps have been Passed
  • Test Plan Execution
    The number of Test Cases where all Steps have been Passed
  • Completion Rate
    The percentage of Test Cases where all Steps have been Passed
  • Defects
    The number of Defects associated with each Requirement
  • Coverage Risk
    The current Risk Indicator


To filter the report, use the filters above the report.
Below is an example of selecting multiple Risk indicators for the Coverage Risk filter.


To export the matrix to an Excel spreadsheet, click on Export

For a visual progress dashboard per Requirement - use the Requirement Progress tab

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