What does the Requirement Status mean?

Panaya allows you to define the Status of your Requirements.

A Requirement can appear in the following Statuses -

  • Backlog
    Used at the early stages of defining the Requirements
  • Design
    Set a requirement to Design Status when you begin defining the Test Plan
    Once you are happy with the Test Plan - use the Approve Test Plan button
  • Testing
    Move the Requirement to Testing Status when executing the associated Test Cycles
  • Completed 
    Use this Status when test execution has been completed and you are ready to go live

For Release Dynamix, the following Statuses are also available - 

Good to know!

How to set the Requirement Status?

  1. Open up the Requirement
  2. Click on the current Status to change it
  3. Click Save

Click here to learn more about Statuses and their correspondent Risk Indicators