How to import Tests from files?

Panaya provides a simple to use Import Wizard for importing your tests. This is the fastest and most efficient way to import your test assets.
If you wish to import tests from another Panaya project, click here for instructions.

Launching the Import Wizard

  1. Use the Menu button to select a Project
  2. Hover over the Tests tab and select Test Tree
  3. To launch the Test Import Wizard, right click on the Cycle / Folder / Business Process and select Import > from File

Select from the following options - 

For Tests

  • From my own documents
    Using this option will redirect you to Panaya's Test Box. The Test Box allows the automatic creation of tests from your existing assets. 
    Click here to learn more
  • Multiple tests template (recommended)
    If you select this option, the wizard will proceed to the Upload Data page, where you can download the Panaya flat excel template.
    This will allows you to add or paste tests and steps into one flat excel for all test activities.
    Click here for complete Test import instructions

  • Single test template
    Select this option if you wish to use a separate Excel file for each test.
    To upload multiple tests in this method, you will need to archive all the files and upload them as a single ZIP file.

For Quick Tests

  • From my own documents
    Using this option will redirect you to Panaya's Test Box. The Test Box allows the automatic creation of tests from your existing assets. 
    You can import MS Office files of your own. Panaya will create a new Quick Test activity for every imported file. The name of the file will be used as the activity name and the actual file will be added as an activity attachment. PDF files are not supported when importing Quick Tests using this method.
    Click here to learn more
  • New Tests with Scripts and/or Planned Runs
    Use this if you need to create detailed instruction activity steps with the expected results and include their Planned Runs.
    If you use TCODE names in the transaction field for the section, Panaya will identify it and consider them for Test Coverage reports.
  • New planned runs for existing tests
    Learn more

Test import instructions

  1. Click on Download template

  2. Fill in all test details in the template file according to the guidelines.
  3. Go back to Panaya. In the Import Wizard, click on Select Files... and locate the template file or the archived ZIP.
    Click Next.
  4. If you wish, you can specify fields to set the folder hierarchy for the imported tests. Up to 3 hierarchy levels are supported. 
    You can grouping tests by clicking Next.

  5. Click Next to proceed to the User Mapping section.
    When Importing Tests into Panaya, the Wizard allows assigning users in the template file to the relevant users in Panaya.
    Click here to learn more about User Mapping.

Guidelines for Importing from a Template File

When importing tests using a template file, the following fields should be populated:

  • General tab
    • Name
    • Priority
    • Business Process – if you wish to combine several tests under one business process.
  • Steps tab‚Äč
    • Description
    • Evidence Required
    • Expected Result
    • Tester / Team
    • Transaction / Object

      For SAP
      Begin typing the Transaction code, and Panaya will display a list of transactions retrieved from your latest system extraction. 

      For Oracle EBS 
      Use the drop-down list and select the Responsibility, Menu Path, and Object Description. This will allow you to select the relevant Object.
      The list of objects is retrieved from your latest system extraction.



  • Imported strike-through (crossed out) items will be included in the Coverage Report
  • If you wish to import Custom Fields data, you should first define Custom Fields for your project
  • The maximum number of rows in the imported template should not exceed 50,000

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