How to Copy Multiple Tests to a Different Location (Path)?

Cloning a test has always been easy, but what if you wanted to copy and reuse a subset based on specific filters? For example, reuse passed tests only made by John and Mark done in the Brazil UAT cycle for brazil, or, rerun failed tests from your regression cycle.

If you do not wish to copy, but instead move your tests to a new location, use this method

  1. Hover over the Tests tab and select the Tests List view
  2. Multi-select the activities you wish to clone to a new location
  3. Click on the More button and select Clone
  4. Select where in the Tree you wish to copy the activities into
  5. Select if you wish to copy Comments, Attachments and/or Linked Requirements
  6. Click Next and then Submit

Good to Know!

  • The copied Tests will not include previous run evidence

When copying a Test from a Regulated Cycle to a Regulated Cycle - e-signatures and Reviewed status will remain 
When copying a Test from a Regulated Cycle to a Non-Regulated Cycle - e-signatures will be removed and Reviewed status will remain
When copying a Test from a Non-Regulated Cycle to a Regulated Cycle - Reviewed Tests will return to Not Reviewed state