Test Box Troubleshooting

You may have tried to upload new tests through Panaya's Test Box and received one of the below error messages.

To try and troubleshoot the issue, follow the instructions provided for each failure reason.

Failure Reason How should I proceed?
No convertible data found

The file(s) uploaded did not contain any data that can be interpreted as a test case or script.
Check your file(s) to see that the values required are provided.


Unsupported file format


Panaya's Test Box supports MS-Office (Word and/or Excel) as well as PDF files only

Corrupted file

Panaya could not access the file content. Check to see if your file(s) require special permission or password.

Duplicate request

Panaya has identified a repeated upload from the same user, using the same files.

Canceled per request

Your account's Customer Success Manager or Account Manager attempted to cancel the upload process and the conversion has been canceled

Panaya export/import template


Please contact Panaya Support to investigate the issue