Where can I view the Cycles Progress?

To view the Cycles Progress for a Project - 

  1. Click on the Menu button and select a Project 
  2. Hover over the Overview tab and select Cycles Progress

There are three cycle stages when it comes to Project management in Panaya - the Planning stage, Execution stage and the Completed stage. The Planning stage is where you would need to review the activities, assign them to users, set the priorities and due dates etc. During Execution stage you will be able to monitor the progress of Tests and Defects in real time, and take action when necessary. 

Click here to learn how to create a new Cycle

For a Cycles in Planning stage we can see the number of assigned or unassigned Tests and how many of the activities are currently in or out of scope of this cycle. You can also see how many tests have been Reviewed

For Cycles in Execution stage, the Dashboard displays the progress of Tests, Steps and Defects. For Failed, In Progress and Not Run Tests you can also see the number of Tests that are currently Ready to Test or Not Ready to Test.
Click on the number of Tests, Steps or Defects to drill down and view them in a list. 
Click on the Progress Trend to open Tests or Steps Trend.

Tip! You can also view Cycles progress using the Summary Tab in the Tests Tree view

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