Can I capture Non-ERP applications?

You can capture Non-ERP screens, using the Panaya Recorder, when running tests or recording Quick Test scripts.

From within the Panaya Recorder, select Recording Options , to determine what applications should be captured - 

  • Browser (IE, Chrome)
    Select this option to record business processes that are performed on a web browser such as Fiori, SAP Portal, WebDynPro, 3rd party web application etc.
    This option supports Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers only. Capturing Google Chrome requires the installation of 2 Chrome extensions.
  • Other Applications
    Use this option to capture other applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Windows Folders or any other screen activity that is not performed in your web browser or SAP ECC6. Use this option if you need to capture Adobe Flash applications or screens.

    When using the Other Applications recording option for various application types, your screenshots will include annotations as described here
    Can't see this option?
    Contact your Panaya account manager to enable Other Applications recording

Can I select more than one option simultaneously? 
Yes. If you select SAP ERP & Browser (IE, Chrome) your Test Evidence will include activities performed both on SAP and your browser. Activities will be grouped by application/transaction.
At any point during the recording, you can add the Other Applications option.

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