How to convert to Quick Test?

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This article is about converting a completed test to a Quick Test.
If you wish to create a new Quick Test, click here.

What is a Quick Test (or Quick Run)? 
When testing has been completed using the Run & Document process, it is possible to convert either a selection or an entire cycle into a Quick Test. The Quick Test script will enable users who do not have the relevant business knowledge to understand the entire test, (i.e. all of the steps combined) in order to execute more efficiently the next time, e.g. in a regression testing cycle.

How to Convert to Quick Test?
From within a Project - 

  1. Hover over the Tests tab and select Test Tree
  2. Right-click on a cycle, folder, business process or a single test and select Convert to Quick Test.
  3. Select where in the tree you would like the converted test to be placed.
    Selecting the Keep the folder structure, will retain the tree structure within the destination cycle. 

  4. Click Convert.
    Depending on your conversion request you will either be able to view the converted tests immediately, or you will be able to track the status of your request by clicking on the Request Status icon . We will also notify you via email once your request is complete.

Quick Tests appear in the tree view with this icon 
The newly generated test(s), include 3 additional tabs that will help the user with the test - these are the Script, Planned Runs and the Data Sets Tabs.


  • The Script Tab
    The Script tab provides all steps combined in one script, broken into the different steps that were originally documented as part of the Run & Document process. This script can be exported to Word, Excel or PDF, and depending on the need, can be edited using the functions within the steps.
    To view a screenshot of the recorded step click the Screen icon 
    Click here to learn how to edit the script
  • The Planned Runs Tab
    The Planned Runs tab will automatically include an execution activity for the entire test, based on the combined steps that were converted. Here is where you can execute a Quick Run.
  • The Data Sets Tab
    Data Sets enable you to define a range of data that can be used when executing the test. Click here to learn more about Data Sets

Click here to learn how to edit the script
Click here to learn how to execute a Quick Run

Good to know!
You can import Planned Runs to an existing Quick Test