How does Panaya process my Idea?

Thank you for sharing your feedback and submitting your Idea. We appreciate your effort in helping us improve Panaya.

Once submitted, your Idea is being sent to our Product team for review. Our Product professionals will examine your Idea according to various criteria such as its value for other users, implementation efforts, other features and suggested Ideas already on our roadmap etc.

We will keep you posted with email notification regarding your Idea whether it is approved or declined during this process. If your Idea is approved, it will be defined as On the Roadmap or Planned to be Delivered in Panaya's Support Portal.

Your Idea was successfully submitted and is waiting to be processed.

Our Product team approved your Idea.

On the Roadmap
Good news! Your Idea has been accepted and is planned to be delivered in the future.

Planned to be Delivered
Great news! Your Idea will be implemented in one of the upcoming releases.

Your Idea has been delivered and is available in Panaya.