Step by Step Testing with Panaya (for testers)

The following article will take you step by step through the process of managing a project with Panaya, introducing you to both the methodology and functionality that is incorporated within the system from the perspective of a Tester.

Your entire project can be summarized in 4 essential steps:

Review Notification email
Once the project manager launches the project,
an email notification is automatically sent to developers and testers.
The email includes a summary of all your assigned testing activities.  


Sort your Activities
Now is the time to log into Panaya and review your project activities.
You can filter and sort your activities to help you decide what to test first. 

Run and Report Test Results
Panaya helps you work more efficiently!
Click here to learn how to test with Panaya
Always remember to report the steps results, update the activity status,
and assign the next step to your colleagues.

Manage Defects
During test execution you may encounter defects.
These can be reported during or after testing is complete.