Step by Step Guide to Planning your Cycles

The following guidelines and recommendations below will assist in better planning and scoping activities in Panaya - 

Identify and Scope Critical Business Processes 
Identifying the critical Business Processes that require testing is a critical part of your project planning. This should be the start point of compiling and assembling your test library.
Depending on the type of Project, Panaya can dramatically reduce your efforts when trying to decide which tests should be included in the project.

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Identify the Type of Cycles
Identifying what type of cycles to include is another critical part. For example - SIT (System Integration Tests), UAT (User Acceptance Tests), Integration, Regression, Unit Testing etc.
Click here to learn how to create a new Test Cycle 

Types of Test Activities in Panaya
There are two types of Tests in Panaya - Tests and Quick Tests.
Read this article that explains the main differences between them. 

Decide on a Schedule
When scheduling, it's very important to identify what are the milestones of the project and if the development is completed. Based on this, you can decide the start & end date for each milestone or cycle. 
We suggest to use the mass edit function to determine a due date for all test activities. 

Roles and Responsibilities
Use Panaya's Roles and Permissions console to define which actions can be perform by different users within the application, such as running test, launching cycles, reporting defects etc.

Review Activities 
Once you have completed creating or importing the activities, you can initiate a review process.
Each activity in Panaya, be it a Test or Code Correction can be marked as reviewed. 

Launch Cycles
Once a Cycle is launched, all assigned users will recieve email notifications to begin running tests, perform corrections etc.


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