How to install the Panaya Recorder & Player for Web Applications?


  1. Panaya username and password with the Test Execute Permission
  2. .NET Framework, version 4.6.2 or above
    Click here to learn how to enable
  3. Panaya was added Trusted site
  4. Browser pop-ups are enabled
  5. Panaya is whitelisted and security settings are not blocking Panaya player
  6. For returning users that may have used Panaya before, this Click-Once cache clean up is required

To Install the Panaya Testing Tool for Web applications - 

  1. Log in to Panaya
  2. Use the Menu button to select a Project
  3. Select the Test tab
  4. Select any of your test activities
  5. In the test activity details, select the Steps tab and click on the to Run & Document the test
    For first time users, the Panaya Testing Tool installation will begin.
  6. If a Security Warning appears, approve it by clicking Run
  7. The Panaya Testing Tool will then load. Click Start Recording to continue with the installation.

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Cannot see the Run & Document button? Click here to learn when are Steps Ready to Test
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Using Google Chrome?

Installation of two extension is required in order to use Google Chrome with Panaya.