How to mass-update user details?

This article explains how to mass-update Panaya user details, such as - First and Last NameStatus (Active / Inactive), and SAP User Name. To learn how to update Roles, click here.

Step I - Export the list of users that you wish to update - 

  1. Click here to learn how to export users to a list
  2. Open the exported .xlsx file and update the relevant user details.  Do not change headers and/or columns order. 
  3. Save the file locally.

Step II - Import the updates

  1. Click on the Setting button to open up the Settings panel, then select Users

  2. Select to Import from Excel
  3. Select the Update Existing Users option and click Next
  4. Click on Browse and select the file you saved in the previous step, with the relevant updates.

  5. Click on Import Users