How to define Custom Fields?


  • You will need the Create/Edit Projects permission to create or edit custom fields
  • Custom fields & tabs are defined per System

To define Custom Fields - 

  1. Click on the Settings button to open up the Settings panel

  2. Custom Fields & Tabs are defined per System, so select the relevant System from the drop-down list
  3. Select to View & Manage Fields & Tabs Customization
  4. Select the By Entity view
  5. You will be able to see - the list of Entities (Correction, Defect, Requirement, Step/Planned Run, Test)
    For each Entity, the default tab for Custom Fields is shown, in addition to any Custom Tabs previously created

    Creating new Custom Fields
    Fields must be added to existing tabs, so Highlight an existing tab of the relevant Entity and click the New Field button. In the example below, the new Field will be added for the General Tab of the Test Entity.

    Editing an Existing Field
    If you wish to edit an existing field, highlight the field to view and change the field settings.
    Learn more about editing fields
  6. Give the new Custom Field a name (e.g. Location, Business Importance etc.)
  7. Select the Field Type (see explanation below) -


    Input Text - This field type allows the user to add free text in any string (text, numbers or a combination of both)

    Drop Down - This field type allows the user to only select a value from a list of values that will appear in a drop-down list

    Number - This field type will allow the user to only type in a numeric value

    Date - This field type will open a calendar in order to select a specific date

    User - This field type will display a drop-down list with all project users to select from

    Link - This type of field allows users to paste or type a URL to a website or a shared server path
  8. You can also -

    Set Connected Entities (for Release Dynamix only)
    Associate Custom Fields with specific types of Requirements / Features as well as User Stories and Tasks. This capability will allow customizing fields and tabs to only appear for specific management processes and workflows. 

    Define a tooltip
    You can define a tooltip message so that a user can better understand the meaning of the new field. 

    Define a Default Value
    The defined value will be automatically selected when the activity is created.

    Assign by default to new projects
    If you select this option, new projects created within Panaya (for the current system) will automatically include the new custom field.

    Set a Field as Mandatory
    If a field is defined as mandatory, the activity will not be saved unless the field is populated with a value.
    Mandatory fields will be marked with an asterisk (*).

  9. Connect to Project -
    Select the Projects tab, and select the relevant projects to include the new custom field
  10. Select Save Changes to save the new configuration



Note the following limitations

Panaya limits the number of fields allowed for each field type as following:

Input Text - 55
Drop Down - 50
Number - 15
Date - 45
User - 25
Link - 20

The limitation is per object type (Correction, Defect, Requirement, Feature, Task, Step, Planned Run and Test).

For Requirements, Features and Tasks (Levels 1-3) the limitation is on the Account Level, for all other entities the limitation is on the System Level.


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