All about Panaya's Custom Fields & Tabs

Panaya provides a default set of metadata fields and tabs with which you can manage your Requirements, Tests, Test Steps, Corrections and Defects. These fields include information about the status of the activity, who owns it, which module it is associated with, the business importance, etc.

In order to enrich this data with your own specific business information, you can use the Custom Fields & Tabs Tool. Ideally, when first starting a project, you can define these fields and then use them for both management and reporting. For example, if you would like to incorporate an organizational unit or country code for where a test is relevant, this can be added as a custom field and then selected when defining the test activity.

   Define Custom Tabs

   Define Custom Fields

Where can I add Custom Fields & Tabs?
  • Requirements / Features / Tasks (Levels 1-3)
  • Tests
  • Test Steps / Planned Runs
  • Corrections
  • Defects


  • You will need the Create/Edit Projects permission to create or edit custom fields
  • Custom Fields & Tabs are defined per system

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