Compression Utility Definition for Version ECC6.0

Before you upload your code to Panaya's Code Box, you will need to compress the XML file into Zip archive using a standard archiving software like Gzip. You can download Gzip here.
If you prefer using WinRAR, follow WinRAR definitions in the instructions below. 

RAR file type is not supported

Defining gzip in SAP

SAP servers running UNIX or Linux have a built-in gzip facility.
The activities described below are necessary only for SAP servers running Windows.
The following steps must be performed on any application server by a basis administrator (It is also possible to use WinRAR archiving utilities, if already installed on the server).
Install gzip on the SAP machines
  1. Click here to download gzip
  2. Locate the gzip.exe file installed in the previous step and copy it to the Windows directory.
    Alternatively, it is possible to add the gzip directory to the system path.

Define ZZ_COMPRESS Operating System Command

  1. Start transaction SM49
  2. Select
  3. Under Command, for Command name, type: ZZ_COMPRESS
  4. Under Definition, for operating system command -  
    For gzip type: gzip
    For WinRAR type: C:\Program Files (x86)\WinRAR\winrar)
  5. Select
  6. Select

Verify ZZ_COMPRESS Operating System Command

  1. Stay in transaction SM49 and verify that command ZZ_COMPRESS is displayed in the list
  2. Select ZZ_COMPRESS from the list
  3. Select
  4. For Additional parameters - 
    For gzip type: -V
    For WinRAR type: a -afzip
  5. Select
  6. Verify that the output message is as shown below