How to implement Mass Export APIs?

Use APIs to seamlessly export Tests, Steps and Defects to CSV files

Description of our API Mass Export process - 

  1. Send the API Request
    Following your request for mass export, a response with a request number will be returned.
  2. Send status requests, using the request number
  3. Once the response recieved is completed, a link to download the results will be included to download the CSV file

Our API default call limits

To implement Mass Export APIs -

  1. Authenticate with Panaya
    Follow these instructions on how to perform an initial login into Panaya and retrieve a session token
  2. Use the Post requests as shown below

    For {{host}} - Use the relevant Panaya URL – either or
    For {{projectId}} - Retrieve the relevant Panaya Project ID, by logging into Panaya and navigating into the Project

    For Tests & Tests Steps, use the following in the header

    For Defects, use the following in the header

    You can export all or only from a specific Cycle in the Project - 

    Export All (Tests, Tests & Steps, Defects)

    Export from a specific Cycle in the Project (for Tests, Tests & Steps)

    Example of a response - 


    "request number": 2892478


    You will need to include the {} in the body of your request
  3. To monitor the Request status, use a GET request via the following URL

    https://{{panaya host}}/api/v1/projects/{{your project Id}}/request/{{your request number}}

With the request number received from Step 2, it will look as follows: 

4. As a response you will get the request details.

Example of a response for a completed export - 


"requestNumber": 2892467,

"creationDate": "29-Oct-2019",

"status": "Completed",

"resultLink": "",

"requestDetails": "Export Steps via API (Cycle: sm)"


Status - Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Failed
CreationDate – original time in ms, when the request was executed
ResultLink – Will only appear requests in Completed status.

RequestDetails – Description of your request (export Tests, Steps, Defects)

Once the request status = Completed the ResultLink will include a link to download the CSV file

Good to Know!
The link will expire within 30 days time