How to define Worksoft Integration?


  • .NET Framework, version 4.6.2 and above
  • Panaya recommends to set-up a dedicated Panaya user for the purpose of integrating with Worksoft 

To define the Integration of Panaya with Worksoft - 

  1. Login to Panaya
  2. Use the Settings button to open up the Settings panel, then select Configuration.
  3. In the Automatic Testing Tool section, click on Copy UID To Clipboard
  4. Login to Worksoft and navigate to the Panaya Integration section shown below
  5. Fill in the Service URL - or (depending on the URL you use to log in to Panaya), the Username and Password for Panaya
  6. Paste the copied UID in the System UID field
  7. Leave all other fields as the default value and click Test Configuration
  8. If connectivity is active, go to your project to synchronize the Worksoft bookmark(s) into Panaya and start triggering executions from a playlist.