How to configure & Execute ATC Check Results via SAP Cloud Platform?

To perform a successful custom code extraction for your S/4HANA Conversion, the ATC Run results can be achieved using a remote ATC check with SAP Fiori App Custom Code Migration in the Cloud. Upon completion, use the output in the Panaya extractor program.
Extract your ABAP Test Cockpit results from the Cloud to get started with your conversion project quicker. 

To enable ABAP Test Cockpit results from the Cloud contact Panaya Support 

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We recommend reviewing this blog post on how to use SAP Fiori App Custom Code Migration in SAP Cloud Platform

This article is part of our S/4HANA Setup Guide

To extract ATC results from SAP Cloud -

  1. Use the Custom Code Migration Fiori App to export the findings to an Excel spreadsheet (.XLSX)

  2. Save the XLSX file as XLS (Excel 97-2003 Workbook)
  3. Verify that the file contains the following columns, in the same order as displayed below -

    Priority, Check Title, Check Message, Object Type, Object Name, Package, Processor, Quick Fix Availability, SAP Note Number, App., Component, Ref., Object Type, Ref. Object, Name, Scope Information, Usage Information, Simplification Item Category, Link to SAP Note, Project ID, Link to Source Code, Criticality Indicator, Finding ID
  4. Use this file to upload to Panaya's Custom Code Extractor program