The S/4HANA Cockpit Dashboard

The S/4HANA Dashboard is your centralized dynamic report where you can review various aspects of the conversion progress.
Create and share fully customizable dashboards with a variety of new widgets specifically configured to match your needs.

  1. Click on the Menu button and select your S/4 HANA Conversion Project 
  2. Hover over the Overview tab and select Dashboards

  3. The S/4 HANA Cockpit Dashboard will appear by default with the following widgets -
  4. You can add and configure additional widgets - 

Click here to learn how to create, save and share Dashboards

Use multiple instances of the same Widget in your dashboard,  for different purposes

Good to Know!

  • Dashboards are defined per project
  • Each project user can create up to 30 Dashboards in a project
  • A single Dashboard can contain up to 30 Widgets