How to define HANA 2.0 SAP Code Inspector execution?

This article is part of our custom code extraction & S/4HANA setup guides

If migrating to HANA 2.0, under HANA SAP Code Inspector execution mode select between options A, B or C as described below.
Note that Option A or B are highly recommended. 

  • Option A (Recommended)
    Select Choose from previously executed list if you want to use existing data from previous SAP code inspector runs. You can perform those runs by following the instructions in this article. Then fill in the values for the FUNCTIONAL_DB (for non-S/4HANA conversion), FUNCTIONAL_DB_ADDITION and PERFORMANCE_DB field from the previously executed Code Inspector.
    More about how to run HANA SAP Code Inspector?

    For S/4HANA Conversion projects (S/4Convert) - 

  • Option B 
    Select Choose from excel files if you wish to run the Panaya Code Extractor before migrating your system to HANA and still receive a HANA Impact Analysis. To learn more about how to export these XLS files, click here.

    For S/4HANA Conversion projects (S/4Convert)  and S/4HANA Accelerate (S/4Accelerate) projects -

    Click Upload

    When selecting options A or B, verify that you are using the most recent output of the HANA extraction. 
    Using older versions for a current custom code extraction may cause HANA analysis discrepancies. 

    Run HANA SAP Code Inspector in offline mode
    Export HANA Code Inspector using Excel
  • Option C 
    Select Execute  to run the SAP Code Inspector with HANA relevant variants during extractor execution

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