Panaya Release Notes

 November 2021 Release

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Test Management & Execution

  • Better Module Calculation based on the steps transaction values in a single test.
    Tests that include transactions/objects from more than one module will now be classified as “Cross Module.” 


Panaya for SAP S/4HANA

S/4Accelerate was enhanced with improved S/4HANA upgrade issues and corrections scoping. We added a new Target-only indication for Issues, so you can clearly understand if the issue exists only in the target version.  In correlation, we updated the way we calculate the priority for related ATC and HANA corrections.

  • A new Target-only Issues View is now available for your Corrections and Issues lists.  Use the new view to only display issues that exist in the target version.
  • You can add the Target-only column to the Issues List
  • You can add the Target-only Issues column to the Corrections list



Panaya for Oracle EBS

  • Oracle EBS Change Intelligence for Test Dynamix
    As a new offering for Test Dynamix and included as part of Oracle Risk-Based Testing for Release Dynamix, we have created Change Intelligence (CI) for your ongoing changes. The functionality provides real-time change impact assessments for test cycles in any project, release, or ongoing enhancement.

    Do you want to see the risk associated with your planned patches and customizations? or evaluate if you plan to test too much or not enough?
    Now, you can define and link the relevant patches and objects to your cycles. We will lay out the risk assessment and step-by-step suggestions on optimizing your plan and eliminating any unpleasant surprises associated with your upcoming change.

    Learn how to optimize your cycles with Risk-Based Testing?





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