Panaya Release Notes

August 2019 Release 

Test Management & Execution

This month's new functionalities and enhancements are focusing on simplifying the reuse of test assets, accelerating SFDC lightning tests and tracking test asset changes.

  • Copy Multiple Tests to a Different Location (Path)
    Cloning a test has always been easy, but what if you wanted to copy and reuse a subset based on specific filters? For example, reuse passed tests only made by John and Mark done in the Brazil UAT cycle for brazil, or, rerun failed tests from your regression cycle.
    Now you can. Use the Tests List view to select multiple tests, then use the new Clone option and copy them to a new location.
    Reusing your testing assets has never been this simple.

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  • Salesforce Lightning Enhanced Test Evidence 
    Are you utilizing Panaya test acceleration for capturing Salesforce lightning? The level of detail has been great, and it just got even better.
    Our automatic test evidence now includes improved precision for your dropdowns, date pickers, top menu activities, sub-menu activities, and confirmation/failure messages. 
    Are you still wasting time manually recording your tests? Use our recorder to save time

  • History Tab enhancements for Tests and Cycles
    Did someone move your test? Moved a test activity and forgot from which location? 
    You can now review changes made to Projects, Folders and Business Processes with the added History tab in the Tests Tree. 
    You can also view any location changes and/or removal of activities in the History Tab of either the activity itself or its parent item (for deleted actions).