Panaya Release Notes

 September 2021 Release

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  • Dashboards: Copy (or import) Dashboards 

    In our quest to provide even better and faster dashboarding, allow us to introduce “Import Dashboard”. 

    We have added the capability to copy dashboard layouts to/from other projects.  This enhancement helps to streamline and standardize your project management and governance processes. Create a custom dashboard layout and use it again and again*... in Philip’s project, then later in Glen’s project, and so on. 

    As a bonus, if the originating dashboard (template) was shared with others, when you import it there will be an option to share it with the same users. 


    • In the event there are custom fields or views that do not exist across both projects the Dashboard’s widgets will be imported but will require further configuration to align with the destination project. 

Learn more about copying dashboards


  • Steps Execution Report 

    We’ve given the Steps Execution report an upgrade.  Located under the “Reports” tab, there are now 200 rows of viewable data per page.  Additionally, contents can now be fully exported to a spreadsheet by clicking the “Export” button conveniently located atop the table header. 

    Learn more about Dashboards



Panaya for SAP

  • Offline Synchronizer Installation for SAP Risk Analysis and Intelligent Code Remediation code submission 

    We are adding an option for defined users to use a locally installed, or off-line, version of the ABAP Synchronization Code and Intelligent Code Remediation (ICR) code submission tool.  This provides an avenue of installation for environments where security constraints exist, for example, when using Citrix. 

    The option is enabled by your Customer Success Manager.   

    Once enabled, set the relevant user’s Recorder Mode setting to “Local Installation” in User Management.  (If a system is already configured for local installation, then the default setting of “System Default” will suffice.) 

    Learn here how to set the Panaya Risk Analysis and ICR Synchronizer to Local Installation


    The instructions and downloadable code are in your system(s) Configuration tab under “SAP Development” 

    • Synchronization of Code Changes - ABAP Component - for Risk Analysis (transports sync) – server-side 

    • Impact Analysis .Net local installation - for ICR (code sync) – client side 



  • Intelligent Code Remediation – Reevaluate for Pseudo Comment 

    We are adding a new fix type – “Reevaluate for Pseudo Comment” applicable to EHP, SPS, and S/4 Hana transformation projects 

    The fix type is added to elevate our Pseudo Comment related fixes and is applied in the following scenarios: 

    • The issue  to be fixed conflicts with another fix 

    • Source code is not up to date 

    • Missing source code (for custom code, where there is a conflict with another fix on the same line) 

    • Syntax error is in the main object 

    • The issue was re-opened 


Panaya for Foresight

  • Present Package Names

    We are now supporting Package names in addition to the existing Namespaces. 
    A new column has been added for Packages in the impact analysis results, which displays to which package each component is associated. This includes both custom and 3rd party packages. 
    The Package column is also available in the All Components grid. You can filter and group by the package in the different lists.  


  • Free Text Search 

    A new option when starting an analysis is to search for a hard-coded text or string across your org within the components themselves, including the Description, Error Message, etc. You can review the components that contain the text/string and open them in Salesforce or launch the impact analysis to review the dependencies. There are currently 35 different component types supported for searching.

    Learn more about Free Text Search






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