Panaya Release Notes

May 2020 Release 

General  | Test Management & Execution |  Release Dynamix for S/4HANA  |  Impact Analysis for Oracle, Salesforce



  • User Management Improvements

    • User Management Filters
      Wanted to view active users only? Users in your projects?
      In this release, we added several new filters that will allow you to narrow down the list of users/projects. The new filters will help you better manage your licenses, user access to projects, as well as user roles & permissions, by providing more clarity and transparency for user administrators. 

      Need to free up licenses? Use the new filter to view all users that are not connected to any project, then simply deactivate them.
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    • Adding Users to Projects is now quicker and intuitive
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    • User Import & Export Improvements
      Have a bulk user update to do? Need to send an excel file to a colleague to fill out and implement? Now you can.
      We made some changes that will allow you to export, import and update user details in a breeze, including Roles and Statuses (Active/Inactive)
      How to import users into Panaya?
      How to Export Users?
      How to mass-update user details?
      How to mass-update user roles and permissions?


Test Management & Execution


  • Enforce Test Evidence
    Need to enforce users to provide test execution evidence? You can now enforce the creation or upload of evidence for each Test Step.
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  • Testing Progress Forecast Report
    Are you on track with your project? A new test progress prediction report will help test managers to better understand whether they are on track, based on the current testing velocity.
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  • Import From Another Project with Free Search
    Use free text to search for test cases you wish to import into your current project.
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Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

  • We added the SAP Notes Creation Date / Last Update Date to the Correction description. This information is essential for developers to be able to ensure they are working on the most up-to-date notes, provided by SAP.
  • SAP™ S/4HANA Best Practices Test Catalogue now includes version 1909
    An entire test repository towards your move to S/4HANA is one click away! Use the Import option for S/4HANA best practices test cases with all required steps from various functional areas.​​​
  • S/4HANA Cockpit Releases Filter
    Use the new filter to narrow down the display of your S/4HANA dashboard to only include Pre Conversion, Conversion or Post-Conversion activities. 
  • Better Progress Analysis for ATC and Hana Corrections
    When making changes in the code, moving issues from one line to another, Panaya will close the previous Correction activity and open up a new one with the updated code line number for the issue.
  • We added New Essential Risk Indicators for your Requirements, Features, User Stories and Defects. These indicators appear in the General Tab under the Essential section and include the development progress, testing risk status, impact risk and associated open defects
  • Corrections, Issues, Tasks and Workstreams Status Alignment
    • We aligned the status of Workstreams based on their respective Corrections, considering both Issues and Tasks
    • We aligned Tests readiness according to associated Corrections
    • Closing all issues/tasks associated with a Correction - the Status of the Correction will be set to completed automatically
    • Upon closing of a Correction activity, the user will be asked whether or not to close all respective Issues / Tasks
    • Reopening Issues / Tasks will change the respective Correction activity to Open status


Impact Analysis for Oracle

  • Our analysis now supports Oracle Profile Objects


Impact Analysis for Salesforce

  • New Analysis Button
    We added a new button to allow quick and easy access to the creation of a new Discovery analysis
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  • Save your Discovery Analysis
    You can now save your ad-hoc Discovery analysis as new Features to be accessed and shared anytime
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  • Multi Scoped Items Selection
    This feature allows you to select multiple scoped items at once.
  • Search functionality within the Graph
    You can now quickly search for and locate a component in the Graph view. You can initiate the search by clicking on the new search icon in the Graph view or via the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut.
  • The new “Workspace”
    Previously labeled ‘Development’, the new Workspace area is your place to create, manage, save, and collaborate on your work in ForeSight.
  • Static Resources Support
    Our ForeSight analytics engine has improved and now supports Static Resources analysis. You are now able to add a static resource as a Scoped Item and analyze the potential impact of your planned change.

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