Panaya Release Notes

 November 2020 Release

GeneralTest Management & Execution  | Impact Analysis for SAP | Panaya ForeSight


  • Panaya SSO 2.0 Integration
    We have completely revamped our entire self-service SSO solution. Admins can now easily configure SSO to allow seamless login for Panaya users, using their own organizational credentials.
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  • Panaya in Spanish & German!
    Introducing Panaya in Spanish & German in addition to our existing supported localizations - French and Japanese.
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  • Relative Dates Filtering
    You can now filter your lists to show relative dates such as “This week”, “Last 7 days” etc.
    This enables you to save the filtered list as a view, to be used in various widgets and dashboards. Your data is now dynamic and always updated to show the most relevant and up to date data.
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Test Management & Execution

  • Quick Test Script Editing Improvements

    Introducing exciting new capabilities to our script design options - 

    • You can now copy an entire script section and paste it in the same or another Quick Test script in your project. 

    • Append a recording in between script sections, to allow maximum flexibility when compiling business process scripts.
      Made a mistake? No worries! Delete the step or sections and re-record just that part, using the new Append buttons in the section menu.
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  • The New Dashboard

    • New Widget! Testing Forecast
      Pin this new widget to always be in control. The new widget displays the number of days ahead or behind the planned schedule. When clicked, you will be able to view the progress forecast graph showing the ideal burnup

    • Top 10 Users Widget - New Enhancements

      • You can now configure to show Requirements / Features to develop

      • Select up to 5 different pending activities, and the top 10 users of all tasks combined will be displayed. In these cases, we added color coding and a legend to each of the displayed pending activities.
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  • History tab for Steps and Planned Runs
    To always improve our support for regulatory compliance, we added a History tab when viewing Steps or Planned Runs details. Changes are now audited and viewable for these activities.
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  • Test Evidence Export Touch-Ups
    To ease the navigation through multi-page test evidence documents, these now displays the Test ID in the footer of all pages. Also added in the footer is the page number out of the total number of pages.



Impact Analysis for SAP

  • Panaya's Intelligent Code Remediation
    Down scope your project with 90% auto-corrected HANA migration, S/4HANA simplifications, obsolete functions, and cloned programs custom code issues, ready to deploy in a touch of a button directly to your Dev system. Our Intelligent Code Remediation solution also supports SPS/EHP upgrades.
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  • S/4HANA Dynamic Cockpit
    Your S/4HANA Cockpit is now a dynamic dashboard! Create and share fully customizable dashboards with a variety of new widgets specifically configured to match your needs. Learn more



Panaya ForeSight

  • Lightning Web Components (LWC) Support
    Our ForeSight analytics engine has improved and now supports Lightning Web Components (LWC) analysis. You are now able to add a Lightning Web Component as a Scoped Item and analyze the potential impact of your planned change.
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  • Process Builder Impact Details
    You now have the ability to differentiate, in a Process Builder, whether the components are actually impacted or only referenced. This helps you better understand the impact, scope, and risk of the planned change. 

  • View in Salesforce Classic / Lightning Selection
    Admins can now select to display components in Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience. The selection is enforced for all users. 

  • Refined Test Evidence Capturing for SFDC Screens
    We keep improving our level of evidence to include a better resolution of your business processes steps. Try it now with account activities, leads chatter, leads tasks, accounts recently viewed, contacts, main menu reports, Lightning app builder, campaign history, and more.

  • Tests Management - Better SFDC Screens Playback
    Our player can now better detect and identify text fields, main tab selection, and more. 

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