Panaya Release Notes

 May 2021 Release

Panaya for SAP S/4HANA  | Panaya ForeSight

Panaya for S/4HANA

  • Intelligent Code Remediation (ICR) Usability Improvements
    The following enhancements will allow you to have better management and control over your code issues and fixes - 

    • The Reevaluation Reason now appears as a new field for Issues where reevaluation is needed.
    • We added a new Reevaluation Reason for issues with Syntax Errors in main objects in your Issues List.
    • We incorporated a new Failed to Submit status for issues to better monitor automatic fixes submission failures. The new Submit Failure Reason column now appears in your Issues list.
    • ATC Pseudo Comments automatic submission -
      • Add Pseudo Comments
        You can add ATC pseudo comments directly from your Code Remediation Workspace or Issues list, in bulk or one by one.
      • ATC Pseudo comments details now show up in the Issues List as a new column.
        We added a new Pseudo Comments Only view for selection when working in the Issues List.
      • We dramatically increased the number of ATC Pseudo Comments auto submission coverage for ATC issues, classified initially as manual fixes.





Panaya ForeSight

  • Potential Technical Debt 
    We crafted a new ForeSight feature to help identify Fields that are potentially serving as technical debt within your Org. We’ve identified several indicators of potential technical debt, such as Fields with names that hint deprecation (i.e., Field includes ‘old’ / ’temp’ in the name), Fields not used in any Page Layout or key components, and more. This release includes indicators for Fields, and we plan to cover additional component types in upcoming releases. 
    The information also appears in the Org Overview Dashboard.


  • Scope Impact Summary - Enhancements
    We now display the sum of Impacting Components in the Scope section of your analysis. This, along with the already existing Impacted Components sum, gives you a more comprehensive understanding of the scope of the planned change.


  • Tag your Salesforce Components
    You are now able to add tags/attributes to your Salesforce components. Create a custom field of your choice, and then assign the relevant values to your selected Salesforce components. These will be available within the Impact Analysis results. Please speak to your Customer Success Manager to get access to this new feature.






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