Our Previous Release Notes for 2021

 January 2021 Release

GeneralTest Management & Execution  | Impact Analysis for SAP, Oracle Panaya ForeSight


  • UX Enhancements
    We added new color coding for the statuses of development items, to allow you to better recognize them in lists and dashboard widgets.


Test Management & Execution

  • The Ready to Test email notification subject and description, now include the Test ID and Test description


  • New Filters for the Test Progress Forecast Report
    Use the new filters to narrow down the forecast for different purposes such as specific cycles and modules.


  • Custom Automation Support via API
    Leverage our new & improved automation API infrastructure, allowing you to control and manage all testing related assets and activities within Panaya.

    How to write Panaya's Test Automation Connector?
    How to build a playlist and execute automated tests?


  • Panaya Testing Tool (Recorder/Player)

    • Improved Salesforce Lightning recording with even more precise test evidence 

    • Improved capturing of browser scroll bars for web applications

    • Improved performance for SAP GUI recording when working with multiple tabs


Impact Analysis for SAP

  • Intelligent Code Remediation

    • Better User Experience
      We made some visual and functional improvements to the Code Remediation Workspace such as contrasted separation of the Issues list and the Issue details pane, as well as clearer status display, and much more. 

    • Customized Automatic Code Comments
      We now provide admins the option to decide what information should be included in Panaya’s automatic code comments. You can include or exclude the submission date, project name, and even add custom comments.

    • Mass Edit Issues Statuses
      Use our Code Remediation Workspace to edit the status of issues in bulk
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Impact Analysis for Oracle

  • Panaya now supports Oracle e-Business Suite upgrades to R12.2.10


Panaya ForeSight

  • View in Salesforce Classic / Lightning Selection
    We continue to expand the list of supported components to allow the automatic opening and viewing of components in Lightning Experience.
    Admins can select to display components in Salesforce Classic or Lightning.
    The selection is enforced for all users.

  • Testing Progress Forecast Report Filter
    We added our dynamic filters to this report, allowing you to narrow down the scope of the forecast to include specific modules, cycles, etc.

  • Refined Test Evidence & Script Capturing for SFDC Screens
    We keep improving our level of evidence to include a better resolution of your business processes steps. Try it now with date pickers and chatter/text areas.

  • Improved playback support for Salesforce Dashboard pop-ups