Our Previous Release Notes for 2021

 April 2021 Release


  • Help & Support Menu
    Need assistance? A new help menu allows easy access to existing resources and much more. 
    The new menu includes a growing library of interactive product walkthroughs, updates, and feature announcements alongside a link to our Success Center knowledge base.
    Use this menu to contact our support team, view all previous support requests, and suggest new feature ideas - directly to our product teams.

  • We’re on Mobile!
    Your Panaya Dashboards are now compatible with mobile devices
    Visit my.panaya.com/mobile or emea.panaya.com/mobile to view Panaya for Mobile.


Test Management & Execution

  • Resume Recording
    Lengthy business processes? No issues. Capture your actions, then resume the recording later. You can then decide if you wish to add new captured activities to the original recording or initiate a separate test run. 
    Learn how

  • Time Range Zoom in Reports
    Need to focus on a particular time frame in a trend graph? We added the ability to click and drag to zoom into a specific time range in the following reports - Planned vs. Actual, Testing Progress Forecast, Tests and Steps Trend by Status, Open Defects Progress, and Defects Status Progress.

  • Export to Worksoft
    Export your SAP GUI Quick Tests Scripts in a format compatible with WorkSoft so that you can import them as automation scripts for your Worksoft automation engine
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Panaya for SAP

  • New Change Requests Report
    Monitor all SAP transports and their corresponding requirements with this new report for your SAP Ongoing Changes projects.

  • Fiori Apps Test Coverage
    You can now filter by Fiori apps in the Test Coverage Report. Use the Object Type filter to include or exclude Fiori. 




Panaya for S/4HANA

  • SAP S/4HANA Upgrade Projects (S/4Accelerate)

    • Recommended Progression Tests
      Panaya automatically generates progression tests for Fiori applications, allowing a better understanding of transaction codes which can be replaced by Fiori Apps. 

    • Fiori Apps Recommendations
      S/4Accelerate projects now include the Recommended Fiori Apps report. The report displays all recommendations according to the target version per impacted module. 


  • New Automatic Fix for ATC DB Calls issues
    We added a new automatic code fix for replacing direct DB calls with API calls (e.g., SAP functions).


Panaya ForeSight

  • Lightning Web Components (LWC)
    The ForeSight analytics engine has improved and now supports imported (migrated) methods (e.g., @wire function calls).







 March 2021 Release


  • History Tab Export
    Use the new Export button added to the History tab of all item types (Tests, Defects, Requirements, etc.)


Test Management & Execution


  • Test Tree Improvements 
    • New Status Color Indication in the Test Tree
      We added a visual color representation of the tests’ current status, providing immediate visibility into tests’ statuses when working in the Tree.
      Learn more about the Test Tree
    • Open in New Tab
      Right-click anywhere in the Test Tree view to open up an item in a new tab.

  • Clone and Keep/Delete Assigned Testers
    When cloning Tests, Cycles, Folders, and Business Processes, you can now select to keep or delete any testers assigned to the original tests.
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  • Transaction/Object Field in Defects
    When reporting Defects using our Testing Tool (Recorder / Player), the Transaction/Object field will be auto-populated with the corresponding tested transaction (where possible), or the test step Transaction/Object field.


  • New Testing Tab Fields in Requirements / Features
    You asked for new fields for the Testing tab in Requirements / Features (Level 1). You can now add the below fields to the test list in the Testing tab - 

    • Business Process

    • Functional Area

    • Module

    • Covering Entry Points

    • IT Owner


  • Improved Defect Owners Report
    We added a new row with the total sum for each column in the report.


  • Define Recorder Mode per User
    As of this release, you can define whether each user will be using the Panaya online/offline recorder.
    Learn how




Panaya for SAP S/4HANA

  • Panaya S/4Accelerate
    Upgrade your SAP S/4HANA version with ease-of-use and peace of mind! 
    Our latest offering allows you to review all corrections and tests in advance, based on your current SAP S/4HANA code and usage.
    Learn more


  • View Deleted Transactions and Covering Entry Points in the Test List
    We added two new fields for your S/4HANA upgrade and conversion projects. You can now add the Deleted Transactions and Covering Entry Points fields using the select columns button


  • Enhanced Project Risk Widget
    We added all risk spider vertices from the Project Risk Cockpit view, into the Project Risk Widget in your S/4HANA Dashboard.
    Learn more

  • More Actionable Insights 
    We converted all Risk Mitigation areas from the Project Risk Cockpit view to actionable insights in your S/4HANA Dashboard.
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Panaya ForeSight

  • Lightning Web Components (LWC)

    The ForeSight analytics engine has improved and now supports the following -

    • Navigation Services are now fully supported, including cases of dynamic relations that are referenced in JavaScript code. These relations will appear when you add a Lightning Web Component as a Scoped Item and analyze your planned change’s potential impact.

    • LWC to another LWC relations is now supported when used via JavaScript (in addition to previously supported HTML).






 February 2021 Release


  • Comments Fields in Lists
    We added comments metadata to your favorite List View so you can track and monitor who, when and what was commented about. Use the select column button to add comment related fields such as Last Commented By and Last Comment Date as well as the comment itself.

    Note that these fields will show data for comments posted after February 7th, starting from 10:00 AM EST.


Test Management & Execution

  • Pause & Resume Test Recording. 
    We added the option to pause the capturing of tests when recording web-based applications.


  • Drill Down to Steps
    We added a new view that will allow you to review, edit, and export test steps.

    To display the list of steps, click on the number of test steps in -

Impact Analysis for SAP

  • New Entry Point Pop Up
    We added a new pop up displaying all the essential information about Entry Points. 
    Key metadata such as the usage and impact details now appear in one centralized view. 
    This is also where you can assign owners and link or generate related tests. 

  • Accept Automatic Fixes in Bulk
    Use the new Code Remediation Workspace to multi-select issues and accept automatic fixes with one click. 
    View all related articles

    Watch this short video about our Intelligent Code Remediation for SAP


Impact Analysis for Oracle

  • New Entry Point Pop Up
    We added a new pop up displaying all the essential information about Entry Points. 
    Key metadata such as the usage and impact details now appear in one centralized view. 
    This is also where you can assign owners and link or generate related tests. 


Panaya ForeSight

  • Panaya’s SFDX Plugin 
    The new Panaya SFDX Plugin allows you to smoothly integrate Panaya ForeSight in the various use-cases related to Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX).
    Use SFDX command line (CLI) to analyze the impact and risk of a package.xml file. Panaya will automatically create a dedicated Analysis item with the relevant scoped items. 





 January 2021 Release


  • UX Enhancements
    We added new color coding for the statuses of development items, to allow you to better recognize them in lists and dashboard widgets.


Test Management & Execution

  • The Ready to Test email notification subject and description, now include the Test ID and Test description


  • New Filters for the Test Progress Forecast Report
    Use the new filters to narrow down the forecast for different purposes such as specific cycles and modules.


  • Custom Automation Support via API
    Leverage our new & improved automation API infrastructure, allowing you to control and manage all testing related assets and activities within Panaya.

    How to write Panaya's Test Automation Connector?
    How to build a playlist and execute automated tests?


  • Panaya Testing Tool (Recorder/Player)

    • Improved Salesforce Lightning recording with even more precise test evidence 

    • Improved capturing of browser scroll bars for web applications

    • Improved performance for SAP GUI recording when working with multiple tabs


Impact Analysis for SAP

  • Intelligent Code Remediation

    • Better User Experience
      We made some visual and functional improvements to the Code Remediation Workspace such as contrasted separation of the Issues list and the Issue details pane, as well as clearer status display, and much more. 

    • Customized Automatic Code Comments
      We now provide admins the option to decide what information should be included in Panaya’s automatic code comments. You can include or exclude the submission date, project name, and even add custom comments.

    • Mass Edit Issues Statuses
      Use our Code Remediation Workspace to edit the status of issues in bulk
      View all related articles



Impact Analysis for Oracle

  • Panaya now supports Oracle e-Business Suite upgrades to R12.2.10


Panaya ForeSight

  • View in Salesforce Classic / Lightning Selection
    We continue to expand the list of supported components to allow the automatic opening and viewing of components in Lightning Experience.
    Admins can select to display components in Salesforce Classic or Lightning.
    The selection is enforced for all users.

  • Testing Progress Forecast Report Filter
    We added our dynamic filters to this report, allowing you to narrow down the scope of the forecast to include specific modules, cycles, etc.

  • Refined Test Evidence & Script Capturing for SFDC Screens
    We keep improving our level of evidence to include a better resolution of your business processes steps. Try it now with date pickers and chatter/text areas.

  • Improved playback support for Salesforce Dashboard pop-ups