Our Release Notes for 2020

 December 2020 Release

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  • Relative Releases Filtering
    You can now filter your lists to show relative releases such as “Current Release”, “Next Release” and “Last 10 Releases”. You can then save the filtered list as a view, to be used in various widgets and dashboards.


Test Management & Execution

  • New Planned vs. Actual Report
    We added a  brand new Planned vs. Actual report to display the trend of your project progression compared to your original plan and daily targets. Simply define your execution plan by utilizing tests and steps due dates, or, set custom daily targets that are fully adjustable to meet your planned schedule.
    Learn more

    We kept the old report and renamed it to Steps Execution Report


  • Display Specific Folders in the Testing Status Summary Widget
    We continue to improve our dashboard display options with this highly requested game-changing new option. You can now display specific tree folders and business processes in the status summary widget. Use multiple widgets in your dashboard to display the current progression of tests in selected paths.
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  • E-Signature Improvements 
    This release introduces a key enhancement to our regulatory-compliant users. You can now set testers as signers, at the cycle level. Upon test run completion, the tester will be notified to e-sign the step(s).
    Learn more

  • Detailed Evidence for Salesforce Lightning Components
    We now fully support the capturing of all dominant lightning components. As of this release, clear and detailed step-by-step test evidence instructions will appear for the following components - Tree, Pick List, Checkbox, Toggle, Expandable Section, Radio Button Group, Accordion, Counter, Tabs, Vertical Navigation Bar, Breadcrumbs, Radio Group, Lookup, Path.


  • Quick Tests Scripts and Playback

    • Copy & Paste Quick Test Steps
      You can now copy script steps and paste them in the same or another Quick Test script.


    • Improved Salesforce Lightning Playback
      Among other advancements, our test player now supports playing back drop-down lists, iframes, and pop-ups.

    • Password Playback
      No more manual instructions during playback for password fields. The Panaya Player can auto-populate passwords.
      This feature is disabled by default. To enable password playback, please contact Panaya Support.


  • Stronger Integration with Worksoft for our SAP customers
    See below




Impact Analysis for SAP

  • Stronger Integration with Worksoft 
    We have boosted the value of our Panaya Worksoft integration by syncing SAP t-codes from Worksoft back to Panaya. For every automated test synced, you can review all covered entry points. This allows Panaya to suggest automated tests for complete test coverage.
    What are Suggested Tests?


Panaya for S/4HANA

  • Recent Analysis Progress Report
    Get insight into newly generated or automatically closed issues activities as a result of your latest code extraction upload. We will also highlight any Exceptions
    Learn more

    ICR Progress Report
    The report provides a list of newly generated Issues as well as Issues that were updated, classified by their ‘fix type’ (Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual, Reevaluation required). This report is important to see the impact of a new code extraction upload on conflicting issues. If a conflicting issue was resolved, another issue on the same code lines will change the ‘fix type’ value from ‘Reevaluation required’ to either ‘Automatic’ or ‘Semi-automatic’.






 November 2020 Release


  • Panaya SSO 2.0 Integration
    We have completely revamped our entire self-service SSO solution. Admins can now easily configure SSO to allow seamless login for Panaya users, using their own organizational credentials.
    Learn more


  • Panaya in Spanish & German!
    Introducing Panaya in Spanish & German in addition to our existing supported localizations - French and Japanese.
    Learn how to change the language


  • Relative Dates Filtering
    You can now filter your lists to show relative dates such as “This week”, “Last 7 days” etc.
    This enables you to save the filtered list as a view, to be used in various widgets and dashboards. Your data is now dynamic and always updated to show the most relevant and up to date data.
    Learn more


Test Management & Execution

  • Quick Test Script Editing Improvements

    Introducing exciting new capabilities to our script design options - 

    • You can now copy an entire script section and paste it in the same or another Quick Test script in your project. 

    • Append a recording in between script sections, to allow maximum flexibility when compiling business process scripts.
      Made a mistake? No worries! Delete the step or sections and re-record just that part, using the new Append buttons in the section menu.
      Learn more


  • The New Dashboard

    • New Widget! Testing Forecast
      Pin this new widget to always be in control. The new widget displays the number of days ahead or behind the planned schedule. When clicked, you will be able to view the progress forecast graph showing the ideal burnup

    • Top 10 Users Widget - New Enhancements

      • You can now configure to show Requirements / Features to develop

      • Select up to 5 different pending activities, and the top 10 users of all tasks combined will be displayed. In these cases, we added color coding and a legend to each of the displayed pending activities.
        Learn more

  • History tab for Steps and Planned Runs
    To always improve our support for regulatory compliance, we added a History tab when viewing Steps or Planned Runs details. Changes are now audited and viewable for these activities.
    Learn more


  • Test Evidence Export Touch-Ups
    To ease the navigation through multi-page test evidence documents, these now displays the Test ID in the footer of all pages. Also added in the footer is the page number out of the total number of pages.



Impact Analysis for SAP

  • Panaya's Intelligent Code Remediation
    Down scope your project with 90% auto-corrected HANA migration, S/4HANA simplifications, obsolete functions, and cloned programs custom code issues, ready to deploy in a touch of a button directly to your Dev system. Our Intelligent Code Remediation solution also supports SPS/EHP upgrades.
    View all related articles


  • S/4HANA Dynamic Cockpit
    Your S/4HANA Cockpit is now a dynamic dashboard! Create and share fully customizable dashboards with a variety of new widgets specifically configured to match your needs. Learn more



Panaya ForeSight

  • Lightning Web Components (LWC) Support
    Our ForeSight analytics engine has improved and now supports Lightning Web Components (LWC) analysis. You are now able to add a Lightning Web Component as a Scoped Item and analyze the potential impact of your planned change.
    Learn More

  • Process Builder Impact Details
    You now have the ability to differentiate, in a Process Builder, whether the components are actually impacted or only referenced. This helps you better understand the impact, scope, and risk of the planned change. 

  • View in Salesforce Classic / Lightning Selection
    Admins can now select to display components in Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience. The selection is enforced for all users. 

  • Refined Test Evidence Capturing for SFDC Screens
    We keep improving our level of evidence to include a better resolution of your business processes steps. Try it now with account activities, leads chatter, leads tasks, accounts recently viewed, contacts, main menu reports, Lightning app builder, campaign history, and more.

  • Tests Management - Better SFDC Screens Playback
    Our player can now better detect and identify text fields, main tab selection, and more. 





October 2020 Release 


  • The New Dashboard 

    • New Widgets

      • Tests / Steps Trend by Status Widget
        Take a look at the status trend graph for tests and steps
        Learn more

      • Top 10 Users Widget
        This new widget displays a list of leading users, with the highest number of assigned activities. You can select to show the number of test steps assigned, open defects to fix, resolved defects to verify, etc. Click on the numbers in the widget to drill down the list of activities per user
        Learn more

    • Panaya now displays the distribution percentages in the Entity Distribution widget


Test Management & Execution

  • Drag and Drop / Paste a Defect Screenshot
    You can now drag and drop, or copy and paste a screenshot image into Defects


Impact Analysis for SAP

  • Automatic Custom Code Upload via Token
    Use a secured token that never expires for seamless periodic automatic custom code uploads.
    Learn how




September 2020 Release


  • Brand New Dashboards
    Create and share fully customizable dashboards for your Panaya project activities. Use a variety of new widgets to define the information to display. Watch this short video to see it in action.
    Learn more


  • Cycle Progress Dashboard
    In addition to your new Project Dashboards, we kept the familiar Cycle Progress view and added an option to filter by the Cycle Stage - Planning, Execution and Completed



Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

  • Support for ATC Cloud Check Results
    Extract your ABAP Test Cockpit results from the Cloud to get started with your conversion project quicker. 







August 2020 Release


  • Lists Full Screen Mode
    Manage your activities in full screen, allowing enlarge display for easier project management. Full screen is available for your Development, Tests, Defects, and Corrections lists. Hit the Esc key to exit full screen mode.
    Learn how
  • Better Mass Editing
    We improved the UI of the mass edit dialog box. You can now select fields from a drop-down list and set their values quicker and easier.



Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

  • New Correction Plan Filter
    You can now filter your Correction Plan by Releases (Pre-Conversion, Conversion, and Post-Conversion) for a clear understanding of project phases required remediations. 







July 2020 Release



  • Recently Viewed Items
    You asked and we listened. You can now use the project search bar to view a list of recently viewed items. Easily locate and drill down to view the activity details. 
    Suggest additional improvements
  • Keep Selected List View for Your Next Login
    For your next login to Panaya, we will save your previous view (All Tests / Features, My Tests / Requirements, Unassigned, Open Defects, etc.), so you can quickly dive into your work items.



Test Management & Execution

  • Rename Standard Panaya Fields
    Found yourself skipping some of Panaya standard fields? Why not reutilizing it to your needs? This amazing new capability allows you to rename default Panaya fields to match your testing project workflow and processes. 
    Learn more
  • Tests and Steps Trend by Status Report
    The Tests and Steps Trend report was added to the project reports section. This useful report is now available as a standalone report that can be filtered by cycles.
    Learn more

  • Planned vs. Actual Report Improvements
    We heard your feedback and added some requested clarifications to the report such as better explanations and renamed columns
    Learn more


Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

  • Enhancement Points Status Validation
    We added a new Correction type for your S/4HANA conversion project to validate any changed or deleted ECC6 Enhancement Points.
  • HANA Migration Issues List
    Wanted to see and perform mass operations on the complete list of all the issues associated with all Corrections in your HANA Migration project plan? Now you can. 
    Let us know if there’s anything else that would ease up your workflow in the suggestions link below.


Impact Analysis for Oracle EBS

  • System Naming Support for Oracle EBS
    Set your landscape system names so that Panaya can validate it before uploading a new system extraction. This new capability will prevent mismatches in your analyses. 
    Follow these instructions before you upload your next extraction.
  • Set Low Impact Likelihood Entry Points as In Scope
    Panaya patch analysis automatically scopes out any regression tests associated with low impact likelihood items. We added the option to set these items back to the scope of the project.
    Learn how
  • Update Existing Test Steps via Excel
    For your ongoing changes analysis, we added the option to update any existing Test Steps via an Excel template. Fine-tune your scope and test coverage with this new option. 







June 2020 Release


Brand New Mentions Panel
Incoming notifications
will now appear when your teammates mention your name. You can easily read the details and drill down to the activity. This new feature will improve the overall collaboration experience when working with Panaya.


Test Management & Execution

Improved Date and Time 
We made some important improvements to our date and time display for multiple areas

  • For Tests

    • We changed the Run Duration format for Test Steps, to show exact duration in hours, minutes and seconds

    • The Tested On field in the Test Steps grid now displays exact date and time

  • For Quick Tests

    • We added the timezone (GMT) to the date and time indication for your Quick Tests script

  • Export of Tests and Quick Tests 
    A timezone indication was added to the fields - Tested On, Signed On and Reviewed On 


Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

Improved HANA Migration Corrections
Your HANA Migration project now includes 3 new code correction categories - Code, DB and Performance, that will allow you to easily manage the development of any required fixes to system objects.

Simplification Item Check Runtime Errors
Our analysis now provides Consistency Checks - Runtime Errors as a new code correction type for your S/4HANA Conversion project

Re-Use Existing Simplification Items Check Results
Save time on repetitive SI checks execution by re-using the results from previous runs








May 2020 Release 


  • User Management Improvements

    • User Management Filters
      Wanted to view active users only? Users in your projects?
      In this release, we added several new filters that will allow you to narrow down the list of users/projects. The new filters will help you better manage your licenses, user access to projects, as well as user roles & permissions, by providing more clarity and transparency for user administrators. 

      Need to free up licenses? Use the new filter to view all users that are not connected to any project, then simply deactivate them.
      Learn more

    • Adding Users to Projects is now quicker and intuitive
      Learn more

    • User Import & Export Improvements
      Have a bulk user update to do? Need to send an excel file to a colleague to fill out and implement? Now you can.
      We made some changes that will allow you to export, import and update user details in a breeze, including Roles and Statuses (Active/Inactive)
      How to import users into Panaya?
      How to Export Users?
      How to mass-update user details?
      How to mass-update user roles and permissions?


Test Management & Execution


  • Enforce Test Evidence
    Need to enforce users to provide test execution evidence? You can now enforce the creation or upload of evidence for each Test Step.
    Learn how
  • Testing Progress Forecast Report
    Are you on track with your project? A new test progress prediction report will help test managers to better understand whether they are on track, based on the current testing velocity.
    Learn more
  • Import From Another Project with Free Search
    Use free text to search for test cases you wish to import into your current project.
    Learn how


Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

  • We added the SAP Notes Creation Date / Last Update Date to the Correction description. This information is essential for developers to be able to ensure they are working on the most up-to-date notes, provided by SAP.
  • SAP™ S/4HANA Best Practices Test Catalogue now includes version 1909
    An entire test repository towards your move to S/4HANA is one click away! Use the Import option for S/4HANA best practices test cases with all required steps from various functional areas.​​​
  • S/4HANA Cockpit Releases Filter
    Use the new filter to narrow down the display of your S/4HANA dashboard to only include Pre Conversion, Conversion or Post-Conversion activities. 
  • Better Progress Analysis for ATC and Hana Corrections
    When making changes in the code, moving issues from one line to another, Panaya will close the previous Correction activity and open up a new one with the updated code line number for the issue.
  • We added New Essential Risk Indicators for your Requirements, Features, User Stories and Defects. These indicators appear in the General Tab under the Essential section and include the development progress, testing risk status, impact risk and associated open defects
  • Corrections, Issues, Tasks and Workstreams Status Alignment
    • We aligned the status of Workstreams based on their respective Corrections, considering both Issues and Tasks
    • We aligned Tests readiness according to associated Corrections
    • Closing all issues/tasks associated with a Correction - the Status of the Correction will be set to completed automatically
    • Upon closing of a Correction activity, the user will be asked whether or not to close all respective Issues / Tasks
    • Reopening Issues / Tasks will change the respective Correction activity to Open status


Impact Analysis for Oracle

  • Our analysis now supports Oracle Profile Objects


Impact Analysis for Salesforce

  • New Analysis Button
    We added a new button to allow quick and easy access to the creation of a new Discovery analysis
    Learn how
  • Save your Discovery Analysis
    You can now save your ad-hoc Discovery analysis as new Features to be accessed and shared anytime
    Learn how
  • Multi Scoped Items Selection
    This feature allows you to select multiple scoped items at once.
  • Search functionality within the Graph
    You can now quickly search for and locate a component in the Graph view. You can initiate the search by clicking on the new search icon in the Graph view or via the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut.
  • The new “Workspace”
    Previously labeled ‘Development’, the new Workspace area is your place to create, manage, save, and collaborate on your work in ForeSight.
  • Static Resources Support
    Our ForeSight analytics engine has improved and now supports Static Resources analysis. You are now able to add a static resource as a Scoped Item and analyze the potential impact of your planned change.




March 2020 Release 



Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

  • Brand new S/4HANA Cockpit Dashboard
    The S/4HANA Cockpit is your centralized dashboard where you can review various aspects of the conversion progress.
    We’re planning additional views and customizations for this board, which would you like to see added? Let us know

  • S/4Convert Project Breakdown
    Aligned with SAP’s ACTIVATE methodology, Workstreams are now classified as Pre-Conversion, Conversion and Post-Conversion. You now have clear visibility of the project plan, activities and dependencies. 

  • S/4HANA Issues List
    We added an Issue list where you can view all issues in your conversion project, from all types of Corrections. Use filters to update the status of your issues in bulk.


Impact Analysis for Oracle

  • Complete Test Coverage for Oracle EBS
    Analyze the impact of any change - upgrade, patches or customization and easily link them with your own business processes, leveraging your existing test catalog and achieving complete test coverage.

  • Clear testing guidelines for Testers and Business Users
    We now include the Responsibility, Menu Path & Object Description details in the following areas -

    • Test Steps

    • Test Evidence

    • Quick Test scripts


Impact Analysis for Salesforce

  • Scope Impact Summary Drill down
    You can now click on the Direct or Indirect impact counters as well as on the Component Type to drill down to a list of analyzed components
    Learn more

  • Easy Graph Filtering by Component Type
    When in Graph view, click on the component type in the legend to narrow down the graph display
    Learn more





February 2020 Release 


  • User Experience Enhancement
    This release includes navigational improvements which will make our reports more intuitive and easier to find. For the following reports, use the Reports tab from within a project -

    • Overall Progress (previously Project Overview), including Milestones & Deliverables (Releases) and Efforts & Capacity | Learn more

    • Development Progress | Learn more

    • Approval Status | Learn more

    • Change Conflicts | Learn more


Test Management & Execution

  • E-Signature Improvements
    This release introduces the following enhancement to our regulatory-compliant users -
    E-Signatures date and time will be displayed in the Tests List (Reviewed On) as well as when exporting tests and steps. The date and time will appear in the timezone relevant for the user that is viewing the information.



Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

  • S/4HANA FIN Consistency Checks Analysis
    Some consistency checks in FIN area are not yet included in the Simplification Item Check framework provided by SAP, but are still required for S/4HANA. Consistency checks are an important part of preparatory activities that need to be performed in the source SAP ERP system before running the SAP S/4HANA SUM.
    Our new Accounting Data Conversion code correction category reveals these important FIN consistency checks.

  • Detailed Correction Issues Description
    In an effort to help our customers better understand what each S/4HANA ATC and HANA DB code remediation requires, we added a new Info button for each correction issue in your S/4HANA conversion project. Use it to display what needs to be done, the issue origin, as well as an easy reference to the actual code,

Want your company to be included in future beta programs for S/4HANA Conversion? Click Here


Impact Analysis for Oracle

  • Link multiple Suggested Tests in Release Dynamix
    For your changes risk analysis, be it patches or customizations, you can now associate multiple functional tests to one or more EBS objects (Forms, Frameworks, Concurrents, etc.) | Learn more

  • Panaya now supports Oracle EBS upgrades to 12.2.9


Impact Analysis for Salesforce

  • New Graph Filters
    We added filters to the Graph view of the scoped item analysis, similar to the filters that already exist in the List view. You can now narrow down the visual display to only show the items you wish to focus on. | Learn more

  • Scope Impact Summary Drill Down
    When viewing the Scope Impact Summary bar chart, you can now click on the bars to quickly drill down into the details of direct or indirect impact. | Learn more

  • View Source Code Improvements
    We added information about the components that are directly impacting the viewed component source code. Now, when the highlight is of an indirect relation to the selected Scoped Item, you will be able to see the component that directly impacts the code. |  Learn more






January 2020 Release 


We’ve got your great feedback on the new user license activation mechanism released last month. This is why we decided to rollout an enhancement to the behaviour of Inactive / Disconnected Users.

As part of the improvements, we are releasing this month, Inactive / Disconnected users

  • Will not appear in user dropdown selection for all activity types
  • Will remain assigned to activities
  • Will not receive email notifications
  • Will not appear when mass editing activities
  • Will be available for selection in list filters in order to mass edit activities assigned to inactive users
  • Assigned Test Steps will be classified as Blocked
  • Will appear with either an Inactive or Disconnected icon
  • Cannot be mentioned in comments (using @)
  • Comments will be kept



Test Management & Execution


  • Test Cloning Improvements
    Need to clone test activities and keep any associated comments and attachments? Now you can clone tests and also maintain any predefined links to existing Features or Requirements.
    Learn how



Release Dynamix for S/4HANA

Use the Panaya S/4Prep package to de-risk your S/4HANA migration with a set of tools for pre-conversion activities such as moving to HANA database and purging unused code. Understand the S/4HANA migration impact on your current ECC system. Start designing new business processes and sunset your ECC system.

S/4Prep project is now available as part of the S/4Prep package and includes the following reports - 

  • Deleted Transactions Report
    Review the S/4HANA deleted and obsolete transactions impact on your current system by usage and the overall percentage of the impact per module. Prepare in advance for your S/4 migration by slowing down development investments on used deleted and obsolete transactions and/or start migrating users to already available new transaction codes.
  • Test Catalog Impact Report
    Review the S/4HANA deleted and obsolete transactions impact on your current test catalog by module and test priority. re-design broken tests due to S/4HANA impact. Engage business stakeholders to define S/4HANA testing resource planning before the actual system conversion project.


Coming up in the next releases (currently in Beta)

  • Relevant Simplification Items Report
  • Fiori Apps Impact Report
  • Impacted Interfaces Report
  • Business Functions Preparations Report
  • Add-Ons Impact Report
  • Users and Roles Impact Report

Do you have other reports in mind that might be beneficial for others as part of the S/4HANA preparation phase?
Want your company to be included in future beta programs? Click Here

Executing an S/4HANA migration works best in Workstreams. Workstreams are designed to focus your team on specific work areas of the implementation as well as leverage the strategic use of existing user skills. Take advantage of your team expertise and meet tight project deadlines. 
Use Workstreams to easily group knowledge domains and enable quick identification of work areas that your team should focus on. 

In this release, we made some improvements to our Workstream Management -

  • Workstreams now include the associated Correction Category as well as the SAP Module and Package Name
  • You can now easily re-assign Correction activities to any Workstream and/or Requirement, with the new Change Parent button


Impact Analysis for SAP

  • Our Release Dynamix Impact Risk Analysis now covers both Variants and Cluster Views Customization.
    View cluster allows end-users to maintain the complex cross-table data and ensure consistency of the data. Variants allow you to save your selection parameters in the input screen in order to minimize the need to enter selection parameters each time you run an SAP report.

    Did you get a request to remove a Variant or edit a Cluster View?
    Are you sure you know what should you test when you change them? 
    Use our analysis to find easily find out. 


Impact Analysis for Salesforce
Migrating to Lighting and need to understand the impact on Buttons (WebLinks)? Were you asked to edit Field Sets and want to get insights into the impact on your Org? Now you can.

Our ForeSight risk analysis Enhanced Analysis Engine now supports -

  • Buttons (WebLinks)
    A WebLink represents a custom button or link that can perform an action, depending on its type. For example, There can be a link to call a URL, a button to open a Visualforce page, or a button to execute JavaScript code. 
    Custom buttons and links that use a JavaScript content source are not supported in Lightning Experience, therefore the ability to run impact analysis on buttons is critical for customers who are migrating to Lightning.
  • Field Sets 
    A Field set is a grouping of fields. A Field set, for example, can contain fields describing a user’s first name, middle name, last name, and business title. Field sets can be displayed on Visualforce pages using dynamic bindings. You are now able to add a Field Set as a Scoped Item and analyze the potential impact of your planned change.