How to set planned/actual development efforts?

You can define, track, and monitor the team's development efforts per Requirement / Features, User Story, Task, or any custom-defined activity. 

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To set the planned development efforts - 

  1. Open up a Requirement / Feature / Analysis / User Story / Task
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    • For Requirements / Features (Level 1), select the Development tab.
      In the General section, you can set the Planned Dev Efforts Manually, or, select to set it Automatically

    • For User Stories / Tasks (Level 2 & 3), you can set the Planned Dev Efforts in the Work Plan section in the General tab
      To set Planned Efforts in bulk, use the mass editing option


Setting Planned and/or Remaining Efforts automatically

You can define to set Planned and/or remaining development efforts automatically by calculating all sub-activities planned and reported efforts.
Users can then report efforts for Tasks (Level 3) and/or User Stories (Level 2), to be automatically summed to total efforts for the Feature (Level 1).


  • Setting level 1 & 2 activities to Ready to Test / Testing / Completed status will reset the remaining efforts value to 0


To report actual development efforts

  1. Click on the Actions button and select Report Effort

    Or, click on the number of Actual Development Efforts
  2. Then click on Report Efforts
  3. Set the Actual Efforts (H), Work Date, and add a Comment (Optional)
  4. Click Save