The Portfolio Planning Board

Your Release Dynamix Portfolio Planning Board allows to quickly drag & drop Requirements on the whiteboard to define your Release plan.
If you need, use filtering options to narrow down the Requirements on the board. 

Planning Board
Easily drag & drop from your backlog
Plan and assign to Projects & Releases



Or, use the The Portfolio List
to Create & import new Requirements
Sort & filter to edit, assign or export


The Planning Board

  1. Log in to Panaya
  2. Use the Menu button to select your Portfolio
  3. Select Board View
  4. Drag from your Portfolio Backlog and - 

    Drop to a Release

    Before reassigning any Requirement, drag it back to the Backlog first

    A requirement can only be assigned -
    - From the Backlog 
    - With no linked Tests

    Drop to a Project (Unscheduled) - 
    Expand the Unscheduled section before you drop


No Releases? 
Create one or set reoccurring Releases
No Projects? Turn on Group Releases 

Filtering Options
Narrow down the board with the various filters to only display Requirements of certain StatusImpact Risk, Owner, Project, Release etc.

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