How to create a new Release?

  1. Click on the menu button and select All Releases
  2. Click on Create and then New Release
  3. Fill in the Release Name (1), select the Release Manager (2), set the Go Live (3) date and write a short Release Description (4).
  4. You can create a Recurring Release (5) 
  5. Use the Create Release Activities Project option - to generate a dedicated Project for this Release which will include all relevant Requirements.
    In the next step, you will be able to provide the Project details.
  6. Click on Create

You will then be redirected to General tab for the newly created Release.
This is where you can view and define additional values or change existing - 

  • Release Name
  • Release Manager
  • Go Live Date
  • Description
  • Release Notes
  • Release Q-Gate
    • Q-Gate Date
    • Q-Gate Status
    • Readiness Criteria
    • Release Risk Indicator

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