How to Reassess Impact Risk and Test Coverage?

Use the Reassess button to re-analyze impact and code quality for selected Transport Requests.
If you are trying to calculate the risk impact and test coverage for the first time, click here.

Good to Know!
When Reassessing Changes, new Code Quality issues will be added, resolved issues will be removed and any associated Code Quality Tasks will be automatically closed. 

To View Risk Analysis -

  1. From within a Project, select the Development tab
  2. Select the Requirement / Feature from the list
  3. Select the Risk Analysis tab and then Code Changes
  4. Firstly, click on Link Changes

  5. Click on Synchronize to sync in recent development from your SAP system

  6. Upon completion, go back to the Code Changes list. 
    Select one or more Changes from the list and click the Reassess Risk button.

  7. Select whether you wish to automatically re-open or close tasks according to the Code Quality issues found

  8. Click Reassess
    Panaya will display the calculated Impact and Risk