How does Panaya calculate Impact Likelihood for an Entry Point?

Panaya calculates the Impact Likelihood of your added Entry Points, according to the following set of rules- 

Definite impacts such as code impact and direct Entry Point change 


  • Heuristically calculated impacts such as note impact and user exit change
  • User generated Entry Points

Heuristically calculated impacts with possible false positives 

To view Impact Likelihood of each Entry Point - 

  1. From within a Project, select the Development tab
  2. Select the Requirement / Feature from the list
  3. Select the Risk Analysis tab
  4. Select Impact Risk.
    The Impact Likelihood for all Entry Points that are associated with your linked Code Changes is displayed.


How does Panaya determine if an entry point is impacted?

  • Panaya analysis engine identifies which data objects and code objects in your system affect the behavior of each entry point.  
  • Project teams identify the transports relevant for each project/release.
    This contains the data and code changes needed for that project/release.
  • Panaya examines the data and code changes in each project transport to determine which entry points are impacted in a particular project/release.
  • Panaya will cross-reference entry point impact, and compare to the Transaction field on each test step in your test plan (including both manual and automated testing). Any gaps are noted as Missing Test Scope or Not Covered

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