Tests and Recommended Unit Tests Priority & Complexity

Depending on the type of project, the Activity Priority and its corresponding Complexity are determined based on the specific activity type.
This article describes, per activity type, the meaning of the different priority and complexity levels.

Activities Type / Project

Priority Level

Recommended Unit Test Activities for - 

  • Oracle Upgrade
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Custom Analysis
  • Online Patches




If the Entry Point has at least one associated Code Correction classified as High priority 

If the Entry Point has associated Code Corrections classified only as Medium or Low priority

If the Entry Point has no associated Code Corrections




Recommended Unit Test Activities – Ongoing Changes



Objects that are directly impacted by the Patches

Objects that are indirectly impacted by the Patches (These are the “Second Tier” impacted Objects)

Objects in your system where no apparent impact has been found, but they reside in modules impacted by the Patches.


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