How to create a Back to Standard Project?

When planning an upgrade to SAP S/4 HANA, you may be required to review your system, validate existing extensions and modifications, cleanse your code and and go back to standard. Your Back to Standard project can be a dedicated focused project or a 1 activity per day ongoing project. 
Panaya's Back to Standard project will allow you to
  • Review your ERP system and validate existing extensions and modifications
  • Maximize code cleansing in preparation for going back to standard
    • Remove unused code objects - regardless of how deep they are
    • Remove unnecessary roles - simplifying ERP authorization
  • Return clone programs back to standard 
  • Generate a focused project plan, including all the required activities

To create a new Back to Standard Project - 

  1. Login to Panaya
  2. Create a New Project
  3. From the list of Project Types, select the Back to Standard option
  4. If you have access to more than one Panaya Account, select the relevant Account from the list
    The selected account will define which set of users you will be able to connect to this project
  5. Then, select the relevant ERP system
    The selected ERP will define which set of Roles will be available for the project users
  6. Now, set a meaningful name for the project. This can be changed at a later time. 
  7. Select the Project Manager from the list of users.
    The user selected here will be granted the Project Manager Role, with all relevant permissions as defined in the Roles and Permissions console. 
  8. Now define the project Start Date. Defining the End Date for the project is optional.
  9. It is recommended to add a short description of the purpose and objectives of this project
  10. Define the Farthest last used date to determine what period of time should elapse since a program was last used, in order for an Object to be considered as an Unused Object. SAP recommends a period of 36 Months. Industry standard is 18 months.