What to consider when scoping your activities?

When prioritizing, consider the following:
  • What is the current activity priority?
  • The activity type - Correction? Test? What type of Correction?
  • What is the usage level? When was the related object last used?
  • When is the activity due?
If you are not sure where to begin, try one of these methods:
  1. One method is to "out scope" activities related to unused objects. Click here to learn how to scope.
  2. You can also begin assigning activities related to High and Medium priority, as preparation for launching your cycle.
  3. You can also tackle certain application areas or development classes that are more business critical (e.g. Purchasing, Sales, Inventory).
Just a tip - When it comes to scoping, some Panaya customers may want to first tackle the "low hanging fruit" while dealing with the tougher cases at a later stage. Others prefer the exact opposite.
There is no right or wrong, just think about what is best for you and your project.