How to use the Project search box?

You can search for anything within your Panaya project, using the general search box.

Good to Know!

  • Hit Ctrl+F to open up the project search
  • Hit Ctrl+F twice to open up your browser search

You can use asterisk (*) anywhere in the search string (e.g. wh* finds what, white, and why, but not awhile or watch)

Or use the following shortcuts to open directly an entity you search:

Shortcut *

Search Results


Open Defect ID xxx 


Open Test ID xxx

F:xxx or R:xxx

Open Feature or Requirement (Level 1) - depending on the methodology - Agile or Waterfall

US:xxx or F:xxx

Open User Story or Feature (Level 2) - depending on the methodology - Agile or Waterfall


Open Task ID xxx (Level 3)


Open Correction ID xxx

* The Shortcut can be either lowercase / uppercase 

You can also use the Find Tests search box within the Tests Tree view section. Go to the Tests Tab > select Tree view and type your search term.