How to mass edit multiple tests and/or steps?

You will need the Mass Edit permission in order to update multiple tests. 

You can mass edit multiple tests or steps using the Edit button while in the Tests List view.

From within a Project -  

  1. Hover over the Tests tab and select Test List
  2. Select the relevant tests, then click the Edit button and Edit Selected 
    Click on the Edit button and then Edit All
    Panaya will auto select all tests currently displayed on page 1
    You can navigate between pages to select items appearing on other pages

What would you like to mass edit?

Edit Tests

Mass Edit Test Level Metadata

The default option is Edit Tests - Use this option to modify the metadata for the Test level details

  1. Select the fields you wish to edit with the corresponding new values
  2. You can also select to Delete current value for all selected activities
  3. When done, click Update Tests
    Select the Edit Steps tab to edit Step level details


Edit Steps
Mass Edit Step Level Details

  1. Select the Edit Steps tab to edit Step level details
  2. If you select this option, read below about how to define specific criteria for step selection before editing
  3. You can select all steps in the tests
    You can define criteria for step selection and editing.
    To do so, click on add criteria and define the fields and values

    You can also select multiple values as shown below for the Test Status

    Once complete, click on Define Fields 
  4. Now select what fields to modify (1), define the new values (2)

    You can preview the list of Steps before making the change
  5. When done, select Update Steps (3)

Click here to learn how to create a list of selected Tests that can later be mass-edited or assigned.

If you select to assign multiple steps using this method:

  • All steps for the selected tests will be assigned to the selected tester
  • Planned runs for Quick Tests will be assigned to the selected tester

Good to Know!
Test Tests & Steps Statuses can not be updated in mass
Use manual run instead to pass multiple Steps in a Test activity - Use the Ctrl or Shift keys to multi-select Steps 

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