What are Concurrent Spawned Objects?

Concurrent Spawned objects are mainly Oracle EBS standard concurrents written as standalone C or Pro*C.
The executable of the Spawned objects are compiled files that cannot be read, Oracle does not provide the actual code, just the run file.
When Oracle makes a change to Concurrent Spawned objects it will include several technical files in the Patch (like *.o ). At the end of the process, Oracle will relink the Spawned Concurrent file.
Here is an example of relink
Panaya provides 2 types of impact analysis-
  • Direct Impact – when the patch changes one of the concurrent objects or other related code. Panaya will highlight the impact of the concurrent.
  • Indirect Impact – when a different code component (e.g. Package) is changed in the patch and causes an indirect impact on the concurrent, Panaya will not highlight the impact of the concurrent