How to review and analyze the patches?

A new way to analyze patches for ongoing changes with real time risk and impact analysis
Release Dynamix for Oracle EBS

Once you have uploaded a PTL file for analysis and/or customization XLS file, it is time to review and analyze the patches. 

  1. Use the Menu button to select a Patches Project
  2. Hover over the Overview tab and select Changed Content
  3. In the Project Setup section, select Review and Analyze
  4. Under the Patches tab, select which Patches will be included in your analysis
  5. Under the Customizations tab select the Custom Objects that will be analyzed for you project, by checking the relevant check box

  6. You can add objects based on your previous code extraction. Start typing the object name within the input field and then select Add. To present all objects type a letter and then delete it.


  7. If specific objects were not found or are duplicated, you will be given the option to replace or delete them.
  8. When you click Analyze this content, the analysis process will be activated, and upon completion, an email notification will be sent.