How to import test assets with Panaya's Test Box?

You can import your existing Word, Excel or PDF based testing scenarios using Panaya’s Test Box. Within 48 hours, the test activities will be ready for you.
If you wish to begin working immediately, you may want to import your test assets using a template.

Good to Know!

  • Before uploading your test assets, please read the guidelines below for uploading your test assets.
  • When using the Test Box to import Test assets from other Testing Tools such as HP ALM (QC) etc - please use Excel format.
  • XML format is not supported.

From within a Project - 

  1. Hover over the Tests tab and select Test Box
  2. Drag and drop the files into the Test Box, or click on upload a file from your computer to browse and select the file to upload
    You can import Excel, Word or PDF files as well as a ZIP archive of these formats.
  3. Click on 
    Once the upload is complete, you will be given a Test Box ticket id. Within 48 hours, the test activities will be ready for you.

    If you uploaded the assets from within a project, the test activities will appear in a new cycle named 'Imported'.
    If you uploaded the assets outside of a specific project, the test activities will appear under a new project named 'Test Box'.
    An email notification will be sent to the project manager when the process is complete.
  4. You can view the status of previously imported assets by clicking View previous uploads


Test Box Guidelines 

The following guidelines are recommended for successful and efficient test assets import:

  • Try to include all basic information regarding each test: 
    test name, step description, transaction, expected result, tester
  • It is highly recommended to assign each step in a separate row
  • Note that non-testing documents such as user guides, training materials or internal check-lists can not be imported
  • Test assets including screenshots only with no textual information, cannot be converted
  • PDF files are not supported when importing Quick Tests

It is highly recommended to include the following data in the imported files:

  • Test Name
    Do not include special characters (such as !@!$#^&*("") within the Test Name field
  • Business Process – if you wish to combine several tests under one business process.
  • For each step -
    • Description
    • Transaction \ Object
    • Expected Result
    • Team \ Tester

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