What is Reevaluation Required Fix Type?

Panaya analyzes your system for supported Intelligent Code Remediation issues and in some cases may identify multiple required fixes for the same line of code. In these cases, Panaya will set one of the issues as Automatic / Semi-Automatic Fix Type / Pseudo Comment Only. All other identified multiples will be set to Reevaluation Needed Fix Type. Upon completion of the Automatic / Semi-Automatic Fix Type / Pseudo Comment Only fix, as well as uploading a new customs code extraction to Panaya, one of the identified multiples will be automatically set from Reevaluation Needed to Automatic / Semi-Automatic. It is highly recommended to complete all Intelligent Code Remediation Automatic and Semi-Automatic issues, then upload a new custom code extraction to Panaya. This will trigger the change of issues set as Reevaluation Needed to Automatic / Semi-Automatic Fix Type / Pseudo Comment Only. In some rare cases, up to 3 such iterations will be required in order to automatically fix all issues set as Reevaluation Needed.

Reevaluation Reason Reevaluation Reason Message
Conflict with another fix "This issue fix is in conflict with another fix. It will be re-evaluated after the conflicted issue will be fixed and the code re-extracted."
Source code not up-to-date "This issue will be reevaluated after the ATC tool is rerun and code re-extracted."
Issue was re-opened "This issue was reopened and will be automatically re-evaluated after code re-extracted."
Missing source code "This issue needs to be reevaluated after code re-extracted."
Missing vanilla source code "This issue needs to be reevaluated after code re-extracted."
Syntax error in main object “Syntax errors were found in the main object. It will be reevaluated after syntax errors are fixed and code re-extracted.”


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