What does the status mean in the Recent Analysis Summary Report?

After the progressive analysis results are available in your account, the Recent Analysis Summary Report can now be used to review the differences between the previous analysis and the current one.
In these reports you may see 4 status types.
We recommend that you review the activity after every analysis of your custom code and follow the required actions as described below.

Activity Status

Information Details

Required action

Newly Generated

Panaya generates new activity for any new issues found (if any). 
This can result from the technical upgrade or new objects that did not exist in previous extractions.
For Back to Standard Projects - New Object was identified as Unused or Unchanged (for more than 30 months)
Review the new activity. 
Either assign the activity to a project member, or change the status to Out of Scope, as applicable.

Automatically Closed

Issues fixed on the ERP system where the activity is not marked as Closed in Panaya.

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Review the list of objects.


  1. Activities marked as Closed in Panaya, but the problem still exists on the ERP system.
  2. Activities related to objects that do not exist in the system from which the last extraction was done.

For Back to Standard -
Object was deleted or has been assigned to ‘Z_UNUSED’ but has been identified as used in your Production system

Investigate if the issues should be addressed, or changed to Out of Scope.


In this report you will see activities with changed usage or priority based on progress analysis.

It is recommended to review this report after each analysis to verify that activities that were taken out of the project’s scope or were already closed were not changed in a way that requires you to review them again.